Your child deserves  victories!

Big ones. Small ones. Victories that lead to self-esteem and confidence.

Your child deserves  victories!

Big ones. Small ones. Victories that lead to self-esteem and confidence.

providing speech, feeding, and language services in your child's natural environment

Play-based speech & feeding therapy in North Texas

We take a holistic, evidence-based approach to achieve victories for our clients and families while infusing more joy, love, and fun into your therapy sessions!

Serving Argyle, Northlake, Justin, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Krum, Ponder, & Sanger

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Victories are our  specialty

We bring speech therapy to your little muffin’s natural environment! This could be your home, preschool, park, or a specific location that adds convenience to your schedule and provides a real life scenario for your child to increase communication and language skills. We’re here for YOU!

speech & feeding therapy services provided in the comfort of your home, preschool aba center, or community

We provide outstanding care coordination with other providers on your child's treatment team and have a strong network of preferred providers if outside referrals are warranted. We are there every step of the way with our clients from developmental evaluations, to IEP meetings, to chiropractic consults. We want care to be cohesive in order to best facilitate victories for our families!

Cohesive care coordination to better serve your child every step of the way

Neurodiversity recognizes that our brains are wonderfully unique. Every individual has their own way of processing information and communicating. We celebrate our client's differences and use their strengths to guide therapy.

Neurodiverse-affirming practice that celebrates your child’s differences

A play-based approach is beneficial because children learn and practice communication skills in the context of play, which is often more meaningful to them than abstract exercises or drills. This contextual learning helps them better understand how to use these skills in their daily lives, and results in increased results and generalization.

Play-based speech & feeding therapy services geared toward increasing results

I’m ready to achieve victories

Our Services

  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Sensory Feeding
  • Expressive & Receptive Language Delays
  • Fluency
  • Motor Feeding/ Pediatric Dysphagia
  • Early intervention
  • Comprehensive evaluations

We specialize in achieving victories in the following areas:

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  • IEP consulting
  • Preschool screenings
  • Parent coaching
  • Coordination of care (we often see clients at their chiropractor, or co-treat with PT/OT, or with ABA)

Victory charges a flat fee per each session, regardless of diagnosis, patient need, or amount of time spent in the home. This allows us to TAKE OUR TIME with our patients. Sessions are driven by what the family and patient needs, typically ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

What To Expect

Potential clients start with a 15-20 minute intake phone call to determine if Victory is the right fit for you. We go over the reason for your speech therapy referral, medical history, and set a time for your initial evaluation.

1. Intro Call

New clients will participate in an initial evaluation, using a combination of standardized assessments, observation, and caregiver rapport. Evaluations take 1-1.5 hrs. Caregivers come away from it knowing if speech therapy services are warranted, where their child compares to their age-matched peers, goals of therapy, and with an individualized, comprehensive plan of care.

2. Initial Evaluation

Caregivers are emailed and provided a hard copy of their speech therapy evaluation and we get started with the fun stuff... speech therapy! Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes. We encourage caregivers to participate in at least the first couple of sessions so we can provide education and demonstrate specific strategies and techniques.

3. Therapy Time!

A look at what it’s like to work with Victory

Victory Speech Therapy sessions are play-based.

This means we will be moving our bodies, playing with toys, reading books, incorporating sensory activities, and having FUN! Our brains learn best when in a "ready" state. Research shows that new skills are acquired with significantly reduced repetitions when presented in a play-based way.

  • become an expert in their child's diagnosis
  • have a toolbox of strategies to target their child's specific communication, language, or feeding needs within the home
  • have an individualized treatment plan for their child that uses their strengths to achieve victories, allowing their child to thrive within their home and community

After working with Victory Speech Therapy, caregivers can expect to:

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Born and raised in Ponder, TX, I am an ASHA Certified Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, specializing with the pediatric population. I have extensive experience within the world of pediatrics, working in home health, private practice, and with the Rich Center for Autism. I consider myself a "Speechie'' and am passionate about continuing education and evidence-based practices. My certifications include: Vital Stim, SOS, Food Chaining, NLA trained and RMST.

Hey y'all,  I'm Tori!

Owner of Victory Speech Therapy, Pediatric Speech Pathologist & Your Little Pumpkin’s Biggest Cheerleader!

I know that it takes a village to achieve victories within a child's unique set of needs, so I actively communicate with ALL members of my client's treatment team to get the best results and experience possible. I’m passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential and achieve victories at home and in the community.

When I’m not helping your precious little muffins achieve victories, you can find me with a diet coke and breakfast taco in hand heading to my family’s ranch. I adore animals and have a dog named Lou Lou who is a very good little girlie pop. I’m newly married and love to find new hiking places with my husband. I’ve also recently taken up gardening and love native Texas plants.

I take a play-based and parent-coaching approach to intervention.

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Play-based therapy incorporating sensory integration, gross motor movement, and thematic/ literacy-based intervention

At our practice, we prioritize:

We believe speech therapy should be fun and filled with joy. It should NOT be a child forced to sit at a table for 30 minutes drilling words that are not relevant to their life. In order to progress and achieve new victories, you have to pour love, fun, and energy into every session. Connection and collaboration drive progress.

We love finding new ways for our clients to find joy and victories with their little ones!


Neurodiversity-affirming care driven by current research, science, client experience, and caregiver goals that take our clients to new heights!

Individualized treatment plans that collaborate with all members of our client’s care team. From preschools to neurologists, we take pride in excellent collaboration to better achieve your goals



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